Our Fleet

At Croydon Coach Hire, you can hire any of the following cars:

  • Minibusses with eight to sixteen seats
  • Mini-coaches with 24 to 33 seats available
  • cars having 49 or 53 seats that are full size
  • buses with two stories and up to 72 seats

Specifications can change, so when you initially contact us, please let us know what you need. This will help us match you with a vehicle that best suits your needs. All cars are equipped with seat belts and follow the VOSA safety check rules and VOSA instructions to maintain roadworthiness.

Croydon Luxury and Executive Minibuses

For longer journeys, tours, and special occasions, or if you’re trying to impress some VIPs or essential guests, executive and luxury minibusses offer that extra level of comfort you might want. Comfort is a top priority in the design of executive and luxury minibusses, which often feature tinted windows, tables, curtains, onboard entertainment, air conditioning, and other amenities.


Executive and upscale Croydon buses

Our executive and luxury coaches selection should be considered if you’re organizing a corporate event, a UK or European tour, your wedding, or any other significant occasion. Your special events will dazzle even more with the addition of these cars. Executive and luxury coaches can range in age and specification. Still, they often have air conditioning, reclining seats, curtains, onboard entertainment, restrooms, hot and cold drink stations, PA systems, tables, and more.

Croydon Standard Buses & Coaches

For parties on a tighter budget, standard coaches and buses are ideal. These cars are well-liked by educational organizations, events, local excursions, and shuttle services. Standard coaches are affordable and can be outfitted with amenities like air conditioning, reclining seats, forced air ventilation, and restrooms.

A variety of groups can ride in a standard minibus. They are highly well-liked by sports teams, stag and hen parties, community organizations, and other groups searching for an affordable answer to their transportation needs. Standard minibusses have fundamental features, including reclining seats, window shutters, a CD player, forced air ventilation, and air conditioning.

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Accessible Automobilesin Croydon

Ask us about hiring accessible vehicles if any members of your group have unique accessibility needs. Most of our accessible vehicles are minibusses. However, we will make every effort to accommodate groups of any size. Numerous amenities that might facilitate your journey are available in accessible automobiles. Wheelchair ramps, completely automatic wheelchair lifts, more extensive interior access, and hydraulic suspension are a few examples of these.

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